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Web to date 7.0 is a website design software with easy handling
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Web to date is a commercial content management system, designed and distributed by Data Becker software publishing house. The software is operated in Microsoft Windows systems. This website design creation program is a client-side pre-processing CMS, meaning that HTML and PHP scripts are generated by the software on the webmaster?s PC, then previewed and uploaded to a web server. Web to date?s first release (version 1.0) was published in June 2002; the latest version (7.0) became available in 2010. Web to date allows creating websites without web design and programming skills. The generated pages are stored in projects and can be updated and extended later. In terms of customization of the look and feel, Web to date offers a wide range of 57 design templates. A various number of standard branch-specific site frameworks allows the user to create a dummy site in just a few clicks and to customize it to suit one?s preferences. The webpage code is generated on the client computer and remains hidden from the user most of the time. If required, the pages of a Web to date project can be modified with a simple text editor or a scripting tool. Web to date offers an FTP module for publishing the built projects on the internet. Due to its simple handling, Web to date has become popular with beginners and hobby users as well as small businesses.

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